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Chagrin Valley Times Feb. 5 2015 ...

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Nov 1 2014 Gala!


" The Chagrin Valley Times" described our Gala as the Best Event of the Year! ...

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Making History Live

Dear Friend of Chagrin Falls Historical Society,

Make a difference and have fun doing it! Sponsor the Chagrin Falls Gala of the Year!

“Fall Back  Spring Forward  It’s Time” is the gala kick-off for the campaign to fund the 

purchase and renovation of the new home for the Chagrin Falls Historical Society. Be a part of 

preserving our past and springing forward with new programs, unique displays, visibility, longer 

museum hours, expanded membership opportunities, research specialties and much more. It’s 



This gala theme of 1874 Chagrin Falls will include fabulous local food from a variety of top 

restaurants contributing their specialties. You will also be the first to view the new site while it 

is still under construction! Each room will be designed with an engaging theme — from a local 

historic tavern with live entertainment, to a theatre stage with live performance, to the local 

printing press calling out the dramas of the day. Talented musicians (from string quartets to 

barbershop harmony) will entertain you and surprise vignettes will amuse and spark the historic 

imagination of you and your guests. This is a gala you will be proud to sponsor and won’t want 

to miss.


Create enhanced corporate brand awareness and goodwill with sophisticated partygoers of 

Chagrin Falls. Reach new audiences through our public marketing campaign. Associate your 

name with community support, involvement and social responsibility. 

Increase corporate visibility through online and print materials, and community and event 

acknowledgements. Sponsorship is a creative answer to specific corporate marketing objectives. 

Honor staff or clients with tickets to this gala — for a fun, delectable evening full of surprises and 

alluring nostalgia. 


75% of Americans say a company's commitment to causes is important when they decide 

which products and services to recommend to others. The Cone Corporate Citizenship study 

concludes that employees whose companies support social issues are 40% more likely to say they 

are proud of their company's values and nearly 25% more likely to be loyal to their employers 

than those whose companies do not have such programs. When price and quality are equal, 84% 

of Americans say they are likely to switch brands to help support a cause.


We are noted for our scenic falls, historic architecture, varied restaurants, unique shopping 

experiences and a vibrant arts community — and now for ...“Fall Back  Spring Ahead  It’s 

Time” the best gala ever! Join us — make a difference in one of the most unique towns in Ohio — 

right here in Chagrin Falls. The opportunity is yours, It’s Time!

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